About Covid-19

OUR TOP PRIORITY – Your Safety & Wellbeing

The pandemic of Covid-19 has affected the entire planet and has brought the world to a standstill. Due to Greece’s successful management of this health crisis, we are able to receive our guests again. Our first priority remains the health and well being both of our guests and employees.

Elysian Suites, in consultation with the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Greek Ministries of Health and Tourism and local authorities, have devised and put to implementation an integrated Health and Safety plan foreseeing all measures, specifications and procedures across all hotel departments to address the new COVID-19 and any disease that can be transmitted in the community.

With high quality standards, responsible management and the implementation of all the required sanitary measures, our aim is to assure that all our guests, employees and partners remain safe.

Our team is professionally trained, follows all the appropriate cleaning, sanitation and disinfection protocols, while they are all prompt to provide an exceptional accommodation experience to our guests.

We look forward to welcoming you to Greece again!

Let’s rebuild confidence in travelling! Let’s enjoy the Greek summer!

Public Areas

Increased cleaning and disinfection across all high-volume touch-points and all exposed surfaces. Sanitizers placed throughout the hotel. Education of guests on how to take the necessary precautions. Simple and fast Check-in/check-out procedures. Contactless payment of taxes and other services at the Reception. Alcohol-based hand rub, soap, and tissues available in every restroom.

Hand hygiene

Alcohol- based hand sanitizers will be available for guests and employees in different areas throughout the hotel. Such areas include the reception, the Pool Bar and Spa areas etc.

Social Distancing

Social distancing actions will include limiting large groups of people coming together. Members with medical conditions may wish to avoid a congregate setting such as a gym. To ensure proper distancing, our hotel will operate at low occupancy.

Air-conditioning & ventilation

All air conditions (fan coil system) in the rooms are safe to operate. Our hotel’s central ventilation system is maintained to continuous operation with fresh air regarding the latest legislation rules. The circulation of fresh air similarly does not pose any problem to guests’ health and safety.

Our Suites

Deep cleaning and disinfection in all guest rooms and bathrooms. Specific sanitation consideration on all high-touch guest room areas using appropriate disinfectant. Unused disposable items are discarded; bed linen from customer rooms that may be contaminated will be kept in separate labeled bags and washed at temperatures of 60-90 degrees, all furniture made out of fabric disinfected with steam cleaners and disinfectants, while rooms will be ventilated after evacuation.

Pool Bar area

High standards of food safety and hygiene, as well as strict personal hygiene policies for our team members will be followed. Pool Bar’s surfaces & furniture will be disinfected after each service and the tables will be cleaned and disinfected after each sitting. Seating capacity will be reduced, and tables will be arranged to allow a maximum of 4 persons for 10 square meters. Buffet breakfast is replaced with certified packaged breakfast, provided with room service.

Swimming pool

Disinfection of lounge chairs and sitting areas will take place after each sitting. The lounge chairs around the swimming pool will be in-group of 2 and at least 2 meters away from each other. Meticulous observance and supervision of established procedures, frequent recirculation time of the water at least every 4 hours, frequent chlorine measurements to control its levels, water change, pH control, etc.

Elysian Suites team & training

Our team has received extensive ongoing training on Health & Safety measures to provide a carefree and safe stay to our guests. Every staff member complies with the National’s Public Health Organization hand hygiene & safety protocols and physical distancing.

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