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Unlike other saturated cycling destinations, Crete remains virgin territory for non-local cyclists. Cretan Peaks is the first professional level guiding provider and offers diverse routes of more than 1200 km in total.

The Cretan Peaks cycling experience is ideal for the athletes who want to combine challenging training with stunning sightseeing. Every aspect of the offered services is mindfully designed to synthesise an integral and exciting adventure.

Whether you are a passionate cyclist or a curious explorer, the island of Crete is the right place for your activities. In a full 5-day trip, you will ride like a pro, explore like a local and relish like a god. Cretan Peaks’ camps are designed with a human-centric mentality, based on 3 pillars of respect: pandemic-level hygiene standards, time-optimised duration and value-for-money luxury.

Cretan Peaks camps

Peak, recover, enjoy: repeat

Υour ideal camp awaits you.

Cretan Peaks camps have been meticulously drafted so as to address multi-geared athletes. Browse each camp’s dates and choose whichever fits your needs. Still in need for further info? No worries. Contact Cretan Peaks and let them assist you, it will be their pleasure!

More information available here: https://cretanpeaks.com/camps/

  • Cretan Peaks offered services

    Book, pack & fly in!

    We take care of all the rest.

    – Guiding
  • – Mechanics
  • – Nutrition
  • – Recovery
  • – Coaching
  • – Accommodation
  • – Transportation
  • – Extras

    More information available here: https://cretanpeaks.com/services/

    The Guides

    Meet your guides

    Trust 36000 days of experience.

    Giannis & Manos have been pursuing competitive cycling since the age of 12; unquestionably, there is not a single spot in Crete that they haven’t explored with their bikes. Cretan Peaks is the accumulation of many years of hard work. After thorough planning, configuring, and testing, they compiled a number of journeys that bear different characteristics, making sure that every participating cyclist can explore a full-range training. 

    Giannis Iliadis

    Giannis is an elite men category rider; he has earned his perennial experience on races all around the world as a member of the Greek national team. Born and raised in Crete, he will ensure that you explore the area through the eyes of a local connoisseur.


    Manos Blavakis

    Manos discovered his passion about cycling during adolescence; with dedication and countless miles, he managed to become an elite cyclist and compete on UCI races. All this hard work took place here, on the island of Crete. He would love to be your guide and share his training terrain with you!

    Explore Cretan Peaks here: https://cretanpeaks.com/

    COVID-19 measures

    * All  Elysian Suite’s partners have devised and put to implementation an integrated Health and Safety plan foreseeing all measures, specifications and procedures, in consultation with the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Greek Ministries of Health as well as, Tourism and local authorities.

    You should be in direct contact with the above companies regarding the COVID-19 protocols which they follow.

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