Can anything stop us?? No!!

Well, maybe…yes
1. Weather Conditions   2. Seasonality


Let’s feel free! Let’s feel adventurous!

Discover with your bicycle the unique Cretan nature and feel the freedom that only cycling can offer you.  

Elysian Suites in cooperation with Cycling Creta offers you the ultimate cycling experience in Cretan landscapes.

Enjoy your personalized cycling programme tailored to your needs, desires and abilities. We teach the beginners, we encourage the sports’ fans and we reach the top with the athletes!

Our partner, Cycling Creta is fully equipped with a big variety of bicycles, for all of our friends who love cycling! We also support the preparation of professional cycling teams.

Click here to explore cyclingcreta.gr  


Let’s explore the ocean together. Closer to nature than ever, we offer you the opportunity to feel the magic of the seabed. You don’t need a time-machine to freeze the moment! Just join us and let body and mind get lost in peace and serenity.

First time Scuba Diving? No problem!Discover Scuba Divingprogram will teach you everything about the underwater world in just a couple of hours. You will learn about the diving procedures and equipment! You will dive to a maximum depth of 6 meters, followed by your “supervisor” professional diver.

Elysian Suites in cooperation with Coral Diving Crete offers you, the ultimate scuba diving experience.

Click here to explore coraldivingcrete.com


The best Land Rover Experience just for you! Would you like to experience the wilderness of the Cretan environment? Join us for a one day exploration high into the mountains and deep into the Cretan nature secret paths. Visit the local traditional villages and experience firsthand the Cretan culture and hospitality they have to offer. This safari experience combines tradition, history, and gastronomy with modern everyday life.

Land Rover Safari started in 2002 operating one route for the British market and has since achieved to become the number one tour on the island of Crete according to Trip Advisor reviews.

Elysian Suites in cooperation with Safari Club offers you, the ultimate Land Rover Safari experience.

Click here to explore safariclub.gr

COVID-19 measures

* All  Elysian Suite’s partners have devised and put to implementation an integrated Health and Safety plan foreseeing all measures, specifications and procedures, in consultation with the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Greek Ministries of Health as well as, Tourism and local authorities.

You should be in direct contact with the above companies regarding the COVID-19 protocols which they follow.



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